Yes.We offer lifetime warranty on all materials installed.

Yes.We will take care of all documentation for approval.

Yes, we carry all necessary licenses and documentation.

Yes, we offer financing through GE Money.

Depending on the scope of the work….14 days to 90 days.

Call G&S and we will replace your glass at no charge.

The personnel that works on your project are sub-contracted and carry workman’s comp and general liability.  All jobs are managed by a G&S manager.

Yes, but we first need to inspect the foundation to make sure it’s to code.

Yes, if you live on the ocean. If your home is located off the ocean, your windows require a dp 50 (design pressure) rating.

It is not recommended. We need to inspect the roof deck for any wear or leaks.

In most cases, you replace the windows from the outside not to damage the interior trim. G&S will inspect the window framing for any damage.

Yes, but the foundation must be inspected to see if there are footers constructed to code. If they are not, G&S can build the proper foundation to code.

No, but like any siding it will accumulate dirt and must be cleaned once a year.

Yes, but depending on your needs and taste, either type of siding is designed for low maintenance and good looks.

Yes, based on the “cost vs. value” report from the nahb, you will re-coup at least 70% or more in the first year.

No, certainteed windows are made with 100% virgin vinyl…never recycled.

Our roofing panels come with the kynar 500 finishing system…..a 30 year paint warranty.