• Quick & Easy to Install
    • Rain Flow™ installs quickly in existing 5” and 6” K gutters without tools: no screws, brackets, or caulk.
    • 3 ft. lengths can be cut with a utility knife for miter joints and end caps.
  • No Damaged Shingles
    Shingles do not have to be lifted to install Rain Flow™.
  • Invisible From the Ground
    • Unlike metal covers or screens, Rain Flow™ can't be seen from ground level.
    • Rain Flow™ does not require color matching to shingles, gutters, or trim and doesn't change the appearance of the home.
    • Rain Flow™ works with any roof from flat to 16/12 pitch.
  • Self Cleaning. Rain Flow™ washes clean with every rainfall
    It is tough, nonabsorbent and dries quickly. Shingle grit and other small debris pass through easily.
  • Permanent All Weather Protection
    Rain Flow’s™ patented material is not affected by changing weather. From hot summer sun to winter snow and freezing ice, Rain Flow™ protects gutters from clogging year-round.