1. Present sales proposal with detailed estimate
  2. Execute contract / deposit collected
  3. Apply for permits/approvals:
    • ARB (2-4 weeks)
    • Drawings (2-3 weeks)
    • Permitting (2-6 weeks)
  4. Assign Project Manager to your project
  5. Order material by Project Manager
  6. Deliver material (to your home so that it will be in a secure location and not to interrupt your day to day lifestyle)
  7. Perform work according to current building code requirements; inspections are secured by the local building officials
  8. Cleanup of the jobsite is ongoing throughout the project to keep your home as livable as possible
  9. Walk through with homeowner and perform any unfinished punch list items
  10. Sign Certificate of Occupancy
  11. Schedule Building Department for their final inspection
  12. Sign Certificate of Completion
  13. Issue warranty information
  14. Receive final payment